How can an EPOS system help with stock control?

How can an EPOS system help with stock control?


Stock management is essential to control your costs, ensuring you have sufficient stock levels of popular product lines and ultimately enhancing the customer service you provide.

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS systems record sales, monitor and process transactions, manage inventories and generate reports. 

EPOS systems provide small and medium-sized businesses with the capability to manage their staff, inventories and more, increasing revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

As part of IPOSG's EPOS system, intelligent stock reordering suggestions are generated based on historical trends and seasonal patterns. It keeps an eye on stock levels and monitors deliveries coming into your warehouse or shop. It can also manage stock across multiple locations. 

It is important to highlight a few key points regarding why and how an EPOS system can assist with a company's stock control:

Inventory management is as vital, complex and expensive to run effectively. This is a key reason why most retailers use EPOS retail systems.

Tracking System is an integral component of EPOS retail systems as it collects real-time information about a retailer's inventory. After a customer completes the checkout process, the purchased items are immediately deducted from the inventory list stored on the system's hard drive. With this technology, a business can obtain an immediate status update of their inventory and provide feedback to customers about the availability of specific products as soon as the barcode is scanned.

Improve accuracy for better purchasing when using an EPOS system to assist with purchasing decisions. EPOS is a system that helps in monitoring, reporting, controlling, and enhancing purchasing decisions. A real-time data collection system records accurate data throughout the entire operation in real-time. Automating the workflow reduces the time and effort required for maintaining manual solutions and reduces the risk of human error. Automating data collection, streamlining the sales process, and monitoring the staff performance can result in significant savings in both time and money.

Set Alerts using an EPOS retail system. By doing this, retailers can set alarms to alert them of low stock conditions requiring an urgent reorder. Additionally, some systems can provide retailers with information regarding the recent cost paid for merchandise and the usual price.

Understanding trends through reports as data and information are essential to planning. The new generation of EPOS systems, such as those provided by IPOSG, offers additional features that facilitate the creation of sales reports more effectively and efficiently. This enables easy decision-making and effective business operations. By analysing reports, it is possible to determine opportunities and problems that may arise in the future and identify potential growth opportunities. Understanding sales trends helps you understand whether sales have increased or decreased from the previous year and whether an increase met predefined goals.

An EPOS retail system must be tailored to the needs and size of a business to ensure maximum efficiency and save on budget. IPOSG is a technologically advanced EPOS System that provides all the insights and functionality described above and much more. 

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