5 Businesses That Can Use EPOS Systems to Increase Profits

5 Businesses That Can Use EPOS Systems to Increase Profits


An EPOS System is an automatic till system that can control and manage everything in your business.

Unlike a traditional till, EPOS Solutions can help to track customer data, manage stock control and even create an ameliorated experience for your customers.

An automated system is a fantastic addition to any business, helping people across the UK save time and money daily.

EPOS Systems streamline business and staff relations, helping you to gain key insights into your company.

In this article, we will discuss 5 businesses that can use EPOS Systems to increase profits and generate revenue once implemented within your business.


The hospitality sector is one of the most common sectors for EPOS Solutions. There are many ways automated till systems can increase profits at restaurants across the UK.

Restaurants depend on a positive customer experience, so finding ways to improve customer satisfaction and give them exactly what they want and need is vital.

Handheld systems can be used to wait on customers directly, therefore offering a simple, smooth service from the moment a customer walks through the door. The same member of the waiting staff can visit numerous tables to take orders, answer questions and even complete payments.

EPOS Solutions also provide a streamlined and interactive experience for your customers. If something changes in the kitchen, all staff will be automatically notified. Meal changes or important allergen information is available to all employees with just the click of a button.

Customer turnaround is quicker by bringing your service to the customer with a handheld device that provides up-to-date information. Tables can be served quicker, resulting in more people having meals within your restaurant and increasing your daily profits.

Good efficient service improves the customer experience, and happy customers mean repeat custom, word of mouth recommendations, and excellent online reviews. This all results in increased profits for your business.


EPOS Systems can also help pub owners streamline their company transactions. An automated till system is one of the best ways to improve business management and employee interactions with customers.

By setting up an EPOS system in your company, more than one staff member can deal with customers at once, automating the whole transaction process and allowing customers to be served faster.

This system also allows staff members to be re-allocated elsewhere in the business. This will grow your profits as employees are utilised for different tasks in your company.

An EPOS system can help any business improve customer transactions and generate increased profits for businesses of all sizes.

Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

Many hairdressers and beauty salons can use EPOS Solutions to take their payment and appointment system to the next level.

Instead of just receiving payments via your till system, you can make appointments, control stock and market your business.

Automated solutions provide in-house marketing and branding options, including the tools needed to expand your email marketing.

EPOS Systems can track customer data, allowing you to take email addresses and phone numbers. These details can then be used to contact customers whenever you have a new deal, promotion or business update.

You can also use an EPOS System to produce a successful loyalty scheme at your beauty salon, encouraging loyal customers to return in exchange for exciting deals and discounts.

From new marketing ideas to appointment management, hairdressers and beauty salons can use EPOS solutions for much more than just payments.


Many shops and retail outlets use EPOS Systems to increase their profits. An automated till performs various functions and increases your sales team's productivity and growth.

EPOS Systems can be used to manage stock in your business. Your team can access information about stock levels or product deliveries without going to the stock room or speaking to a senior staff member.

Staff can also be notified instantly if stock levels drop low, and notifications can be set as a reminder to order more products.

This is an essential tool to increase revenue, as it allows your team to stay updated and automatically manage stock levels.

Unlike a traditional till system, these solutions also allow your employees to provide specific upselling opportunities. These might be suggestions for products that go together or notifications about new or similar stock that a customer may be interested in.

An EPOS System can improve your profits from the second your customers walk through the door!


Many cafés use EPOS Systems to increase profits and generate improved revenue streams.

EPOS Solutions can streamline employee and customer transactions and offer plenty of additional benefits to help your company grow.

Café owners can access improved product data, understand which products and meals are the most popular, and ultimately use this information to increase sales.

An automatic solution can also track key customer insights, including data about customer age, location and background.

This allows for more informed marketing decisions, allowing your company to access critical data and business trends that will grow your profits.

Getting Started with EPOS Solutions

EPOS Solutions can help many different businesses increase their profits.

From marketing support to improved customer experience, hairdressers, shops, cafés and restaurants can use automated till systems to grow and develop their businesses across the whole of the UK.

If you want to get started with EPOS Solutions, contact IPOSG to find out more. They will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision, along with plenty of helpful options for your business.


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