What Is An EPOS System

What is an EPOS System?


Many people have heard of EPOS Systems, but they do not fully understand what it is or how it can be used to automate and improve a business's growth, service, and experience.

There is a reason businesses and retailers are moving towards EPOS Solutions, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors. These systems are affordable and easy to use, and the technology in place is the future of customer transactions across the world.

From saving staff valuable time to reorganising your business, it is important to understand what an EPOS System is and how companies can effectively use automation to streamline their transactions.

This article will help you learn more about these automated systems, including their uses and functions in the business world.

What is an EPOS System?

An EPOS System is an Electronic Point of Sale System. It is an "all-in-one" system for businesses, including a combination of EPOS hardware and software. They are used to streamline business and customer transactions and create an efficient business operation for companies in sectors such as hospitality and retail.

An EPOS System can consist of a complete terminal system or a handheld system such as an iPad or tablet. These systems are very different from traditional till systems, which many businesses still use today.

EPOS Systems allow businesses to access detailed reports which have been gathered from customer statistics. They can provide a business with up to date sales projections and current customer data, which can then be used to plan for future growth and expansion within a company. It is possible to create a more detailed picture of a customer base by just clicking a few buttons. An EPOS System will save and record data and, at the same time, serve a customer.

An EPOS System can automate a wide range of tasks within an organisation. These systems are invaluable in allowing companies to improve their business operation whilst still providing in-person customer transactions.

It can manage everything from notifying waiters of crucial changes to that evening's specials to informing staff of how much stock remains for a particular item. EPOS Solutions really do make a considerable difference with business, employee and customer transactions and significantly reduce the margin for human error in businesses of all types.

By using up to date software and state of the art technology, these systems are a modern and forward-thinking way to ensure a business can thrive, grow and keep up with demand.

What are the uses of EPOS Systems?

EPOS Systems can be easily integrated into a wide range of businesses, companies and organisations. The hospitality sector is one of the most common places to find these automated systems.

Compared to more traditional manual tills, the flexibility of automatic systems means that a company can take multiple transactions at once. The handheld tablets or iPads allow staff members to take care of your customers anywhere on the premises rather than creating a long line at a traditional till. This is essential in hospitality, as it means that serving staff can quickly move between customers, making transactions as they go. This increases the number of happy customers coming in and out of your venue and improves the profit margins for your business.

In busy bars and cafés, the full automation provided by the new system efficiently handling payments and transactions allows team members to focus on their other tasks such as making drinks, cleaning or chatting with customers.

In the retail sector, an EPOS System can be used to improve customer experience. If a queue starts to build up, staff members can simply use handheld devices to complete transactions or access the terminal to serve more customers at the same time.

Creating shorter waiting times for people coming into your store will cause less stress and irritation for yourself and your employees.

The customer experience has become more and more important in recent years with the advent of sites such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews. It has never been more important to keep customers happy and satisfy their demands every time they step into your shop.

An EPOS System is more than just a till. It is also a portal of information, and staff members can use this system to access all the data they need at the touch of a button. If a customer asks a question, a member of your team can access key information immediately via these till systems.

An example may be issues with recent shipments - every member of staff can access key stats and insights, which is vital to the smooth running of your business. The result is less waiting around for the customer, and senior members of staff can continue with their work without needing to intervene every time an issue arises.

Getting started with EPOS Systems

Once you fully understand what an EPOS System is and how it can be used within various sectors, it is easy to see how your business could improve and function more efficiently with one.

These systems automate everything daily for you and your staff and provide you with the data you need to take your business to the next level.

Whether you run a corner shop, restaurant, supermarket, department store, clothes shop or pub, EPOS Solutions are an innovative way to make sure your customers are happy, reduce errors and even save time and money for your business How to save money and boost your productivity.

At IPOSG, we can simplify your transfer over to an automated till system.

If you want to get started with EPOS Systems, contact us for more information about our services or to purchase your new automated till system. We are here to help.

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