Uncovering the Best EPOS System For Bakeries

Uncovering the Best EPOS System For Bakeries


In the bustling world of bakeries, a reliable Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is essential to enhance work efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.

EPOS Systems can handle every bakery task - from high-volume transactions to detailed inventory management. However, the market is overwhelmed with EPOS systems, and selecting the best one is necessary to avoid potential hassles.

For your favour, in this post, we have enlisted the best EPOS Systems for bakeries, namely Korna, Toast, Lightspeed, and others. These systems offer features that elevate bakery operations, contributing to business growth and success.

You can read this article till the end to understand the benefits of each software so you can make an informed decision for your bakery.

Best EPOS System For Bakeries: Top Five Picks

Bakery EPOS systems play a pivotal role in bakeries' growth and success. There are multiple bakeries EPOS with different features. Let's explore this table before jumping into their details.

POS System Rating (Out of 5) Minimum Monthly Fee Installation Fee
IPOSG 4.7 £0 £0 (remote install) £100 (engineer visit)
KORONA POS 4.48 £54.52 £0
Toast 4.19 £0 £0–£394.25 or more
Lightspeed 4.08 £54.52 £0
EPOS Now 4.4 £56.89 £196.73
Cybake 5 No Pricing Found No Pricing Found

1. IPOSG: The Powerhouse of EPOS

IPOSG is an outstanding UK-based software company that offers a user- friendly EPOS Solution for global businesses. IPOSG is a trusted EPOS provider, facilitating customers from listening to their needs to providing customised solutions from retail to hospitality.

IPOSG develops high-quality and reliable EPOS systems so their customers may not experience any issues. Moreover, its 24/7 customer service never disappoints its customers, making it an exceptional bakery management software.

2. KORONA POS: The Best Overall

KORONA is an outstanding bakery management software, preferably for brick-and-mortar bakeries. This EPOS software contains almost every feature bakers need to streamline their functions.

Its customisable order screens and handy invoice tools ensure smooth functioning. Bakers can use it without any cost for up to 30 daily transactions.

Additionally, it's excellent for ingredient tracking and payments but lacks a recipe database. Remember that it works best with an internet connection, but its offline use has limitations.

However, the bakers have issues with KORONA POS's offline mode. Similarly, the inventory tools also require an advanced subscription.

3. Toast POS: Perfect To Handle Heavy Loads

Toast is one of the top choice EPOS systems for restaurants and bakeries. It's excellent for busy bakeries because it has powerful tools to manage the bakeries.

Unlike iPads or consumer-grade computer terminals, Toast tablets are sturdy and can handle heat, drops, and even steam or dust—ideal for a bakery's harsh conditions.

Toast application also has tools for billing events, off-site orders, and special requests, making it very flexible.

4. Lightspeed Restaurant: Ideal For Quick Ordering

Lightspeed is a top-notch EPOS System for Bakeries and restaurants designed to simplify the bakery's operations. This easy-to-use cloud-based system ensures quick services and increases the bakery's sales.

The contactless payment options of this application ease the customer's payment experience. Furthermore, Lightspeed apps can easily integrate with your hardware, like tablets or iPads, for smoother functioning. The intuitive central dashboard simplifies management, while ingredient tools make recording of ingredients easy.

Please note that the Lightspeed application's employee management function is limited. In addition, you can only schedule orders one week in advance.

5. EPOS Now: Best For Small Business Owners

Epos Now is the best EPOS system for bakeries due to its flexibility, rich features, and compatibility with over 100 third-party applications. It provides excellent e-commerce support and easily integrates with different credit card processors.

Its comprehensive features and extensive integrations cater to retail and hospitality and are versatile for various industries. Moreover, EPOS Now's payment is very convenient, allowing customers to choose their preferred method to increase their loyalty.

However, EPOS now lacks the ability to integrate with the Property Management System (PMS), which can cause problems for bakers.

6. Cybake: Best For Retail And Wholesale Bakeries

Cybake bakery software is a hassle-free and smooth EPOS system founded by Jane Tyler in 1998. It can handle various tasks, such as orders, invoicing, recipes, production, shop management, waste control, deliveries, etc. Its user-friendly, cloud-based platform offers a clear view of data and in-depth reporting.

Despite many benefits, Cybake compromises on good customer service—the company takes a long time to answer/resolve customers' issues.

The Bottom Line

The EPOS systems help bakers keep orders, menus, and sales organised to perform well in the competitive market. EPOS systems like IPOSG are worth choosing due to their many benefits.

So, if you want an EPOS System for bakeries that is customised to your bakery's needs, you can choose IPOSG as your trusted companion.