Make sure your retail EPOS system is ready for the holiday season

Make sure your retail EPOS system is ready for the holiday season


Christmas season is just around the corner, and each year it seems to become more stressful for consumers and business owners. To prepare for the busiest time of the year, a lot of the planning work will involve preparing for holiday promotions, checking stock levels, and getting the business ready to cope with the increased pressure. Your point-of-sale system may become a secondary concern as you prepare for the holiday season. However, ensuring your EPOS system is ready can help ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

With the busy holiday season quickly approaching, here are some tips to ensure that your EPOS system is ready for the festive season. 

Inventory management

Inventory management is vital for any business, whether you are a retailer or in the hospitality sector. You must clearly understand what you need this festive season by seeing stock levels in real-time and receive alerts when your stock reaches a level that requires it to be replenished. By doing so, your business can be prepared accordingly, and your stock levels can be monitored.

An IPOSG EPOS system is much more than just an EPOS system. It also includes a full back office suite with its inventory management system that works harder and smarter for your business, allowing you to understand your stock levels and helping you prepare and monitor accordingly.


Inventory management and trends are very closely related. EPOS systems can determine which products are selling well and which products need to be discounted to increase sales. With this information, you can order your products more accurately and use it to set up your store so that the leading sellers are featured prominently. By utilising this feature, you will be able to make better stock decisions for your company, which will possibly result in higher profit margins.

Let your retail business thrive this festive season with IPOSG's EPOS system. With easy-to-understand data and analytics, to ensure you stay on top of the latest trends.


With the holiday season just around the corner, your EPOS system must be updated to reflect all the promotions your business offers during the holiday season. During this time, you can meet many new customers and provide them with promotions that could turn them into loyal customers. Therefore, it is advisable to set up your POS system for Christmas promotions as early as possible if you are planning to offer Christmas specials to your customers. Doing so will minimise the risk of forgetting to add a promotion that has already been marketed.

IPOSG EPOS solutions make editing prices, keeping up with changes, and ensuring promotions are aligned with online marketing more manageable than ever. A user-friendly and easy-to-understand EPOS system allows you to keep up with all the promotions

Streamline the checkout process.

In preparation for the holiday shopping season, you must ensure your staff are adequately trained to use your EPOS system. When customers rush into your store to purchase their Christmas gifts, your employees must resolve any issues that might arise as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To curtail the queue, your employees need to be correctly trained on the EPOS systems, which will streamline the checkout process and keep everyone happy. A mobile EPOS system may also help mitigate the issue of being asked questions and needing to confirm the information by manually checking the stock or heading to the till to get an answer. With the IPOSG mobile EPOS system, you have all the answers at your fingertips.

Preparing your retail store in readiness for the festive season will make it a joyous occasion for employees, employers and customers.

To learn more about IPOSG EPOS solution and the additional benefits it can bring to your retail business this festive season, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you in finding one of our comprehensive and affordable EPOS solutions.

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