How to make your restaurant business more efficient this festive period

How to make your restaurant business more efficient this festive period


What is an EPOS system?

Electronic Point-of-Sale or EPOS, is a system that processes transactions between a restaurant and its customers. A modern EPOS system is a combination of hardware and software that facilitates the management of your restaurant. In the context of a restaurant, a POS system refers to a computerised system used to track all sales, increase efficiency and provide an accurate inventory. Restaurant POS systems can also handle payments, track employee hours, and issue receipts.

POS software lets the restaurant owner manage inventory, monitor employee activity, and analyse sales data.

Get the right staffing numbers:

As the festive season approaches, restaurant managers and their operations team need to prepare for the increased number of customers they can expect during Christmas. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is essential to be prepared and equipped with the appropriate number of employees to serve the customers.

An IPOSG EPOS system enables you to incorporate a shift scheduling management system into your operation. As a result, you will see improved efficiency and a better understanding of trends to allow changes to be made to staff numbers. Additionally, an IPOSG EPOS system streamlines communication between employees.

Manage Stock Levels:

Managing your stock levels with intelligent stock control functionality gives you complete visibility of your stock levels at the POS and updates in real-time to show you when you need to reorder goods to meet customer demand.

You need never miss a sales opportunity again with a connected EPOS and stock control solution. IPOSG EPOS allows you to track menu items, ingredients, and anything else you store in your kitchen. You can track inventory metrics and generate reports that will help you order the optimal amount of ingredients.

Not only does this help you save money and offer a full menu to your customers, but it also ensures your food is always fresh and you have enough for the increased demand throughout the festive period.

Streamline the experience:

Throughout the festive period, it is imperative to keep the customer experience as seamless as possible. This is beneficial for

  • customer experience

  • seamless communication between the front-end staff and the back-end staff

  • increase the turnover rate per table.

This festive period will be as stress-free as possible with the help of IPOSG's EPOS mobile system. It will increase the restaurant's efficiency, improving the customer experience. Mobile point-of-sale systems enable restaurants to serve their customers more efficiently, turn tables around much quicker, and ensure better accuracy between the front and back-of-house teams by creating a simplified kitchen display system. In addition to taking orders at the table, information can be transmitted directly to the kitchen or bar. This reduces the possibility of human error and streamlines the ordering process. A further advantage of this technology is that payment of the bill can be made directly from the table, enhancing the ability to turn around tables much quicker and providing the opportunity to increase revenue.

Reduce error:

A computerised system has multiple functions that can assist you with preventing mistakes that are both costly and time consuming to correct. By implementing an EPOS system in your restaurant operation, you can reduce the number of errors.

With the help of the EPOS system, ordering food and/or drinks has never been easier. There is no room for mistakes since there is clear communication between all parties involved. It is pertinent to note that EPOS systems can also decrease human error when the ability to pay the bill from the table is available. This has the benefit of increasing efficiency and preventing mistakes when calculating commission from sales.

Overall, as you can see from the four points above, the benefits of having an EPOS system during this festive season are prevalent and can increase revenue as your restaurant's efficiency is enhanced.

IPOSG's EPOS system will ensure that your restaurant is adequately prepared for the festive season and operates at maximum efficiency throughout the holiday season.

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