How to choose the appropriate EPOS system for your business

How to choose the appropriate EPOS system for your business


With so many POS systems on the market, how can you find the one that is right for your business?

What is an EPOS system:

EPOS stands for ‘Electronic Point Of Sale’. It is a modern version of a traditional till system. There are several components of the POS systems that are designed to facilitate the management of your business. Both a combination of hardware and software that provide a range of features that will help assist in the managment of your business. A powerful feature of EPOS is the fact that it allows you to fully customise the software according to the nature of your business and the requirements of your environment.

Benefits of POS systems:

- Inventory management

- Cross-communication

- Payment ease

- Loyalty programs

- Track Customers

- Customer Service

- Analytics & Reporting

- Process and track sales

Complete your due diligence:

Observing what other businesses are using is one of the most effective ways to determine which POS system is most suitable for your business. If you have friends or family who own small businesses, ask them what POS system they use, if they’re happy with it and if they are pleased with the benefits.

You can also gain insight by joining groups on social media. LinkedIn is a helpful place to start because it’s easy to find entrepreneurs in the same industry as yours. Having narrowed your options to a few, you can begin diving in and deep researching them. In addition to reading reviews on reputable sites, it is also a smart idea to check out user reviews. This will enable you to determine whether the claims made by POS vendors can be trusted.

Your business has unique needs:

There are a wide variety of EPOS systems on the market. Besides processing payments, they provide a wide range of services. Functions include preparing sales reports, keeping records, accounting, and managing inventories. In addition, they can assist you in developing loyalty programs for your customers and help you scale your business in the future. There is a great deal of difficulty in selecting an EPOS system that will fit your business perfectly. Consider your options carefully before investing in this key tool for your company.

It is imperative to understand that a busy retail store may have different requirements than a barber shop and that a POS system that works well for a coffee shop might not be appropriate for a florist.

Make A List Of Your Unique Business Activities.

Every business is different. So, before you start shopping for a new POS system, brainstorm a list of your most frequent business activities and determine which POS features align with those activities.

  • How do I manage inventory?

  • How do I monitor sales and understand purchasing trends?

  • Do I want to offer gift cards during the holiday season or as customer rewards?

  • How do I track and manage employee attendance and performance?

The suggestion is for the system you choose should cover today’s needs while also having the capability for future needs.

Think About The Data You Need To Collect.

Several of the business functions you and your team perform every day are likely included in the list of data you need to collect.

You should also focus on data that helps you plan for the future, beyond the daily tasks. Do you have any specific data that you would like to collect as you proceed through the day's transactions? At the end of the workday, at the end of the month, and at the end of the year, what information is necessary to know?

Selecting the right POS system will also depend on your ability to identify which reporting metrics will help you run your business more efficiently. For example, tracking inventory might be less of a chore if you add a printer and a barcode scanner to your POS setup.

Evaluate The Kind Of Hardware And Software You Need

It can be challenging to select the right hardware and software. It is helpful to work with a POS provider who can walk you through your options and assist you in making an informed decision.

Hardware refers to the front end of your point-of-sale system. It is helpful to have a clear understanding of your POS hardware requirements before browsing the market for options.

In a POS system, software plays an essential role because it powers your hardware requirements. When selecting a POS system, it is important to consider a number of software features. Your first step should be to determine which basic features your business requires.

Security measures:

Your POS system should be equipped with a robust security system to ensure that your business is protected. It should include features to safeguard your POS data in addition to standard security measures such as lockable cash drawers.

Customer Support:

When considering a POS system, ensure that the vendor offers excellent customer support. Check to see if they provide 24/7 support and how you can get in touch with them: like phone, live chat, email, or a help centre. In addition, it would be helpful if you asked a member of their team to act as a point of contact for any inquiries or questions that you may have.

Transactions operations

It is important to consider the process for processing transactions. Do you require a barcode reader or a touchscreen?

Consider mobile payments and whether they are important for your customers to be able to make purchases using contactless methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payment options.

Why IPOSG is a perfect choice for your POS needs.

Through the integration of traditional and e-commerce requirements, our EPOS solutions utilize cutting-edge technology to take advantage of the multi-channel retail environment of today. As a result of the use of our EPOS solutions, cash management and stock management are synchronized with back-end accounting and administration. Focusing on the need for flexibility, usability and value.

Reach out to our helpful team and we will assist you to choose the appropriate EPOS system for your business.

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