How to Use a Handheld EPOS System and Why You Should Switch

How to Use a Handheld EPOS System and Why You Should Switch.


EPOS Systems are fast becoming the best way for businesses to make transactions. They are quick and simple to use and offer many extra features that are missing from a traditional till system.

One of the key benefits of these new till solutions is their mobility. A handheld EPOS System allows businesses to make transactions anywhere and modernises operations.

In this article, we will learn about handheld EPOS Systems, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of these modern devices. We will consider how these portable till systems could take your café, restaurant, shop or hotel to the next level.

What is a handheld EPOS System?

An EPOS System is an automated till system. These till systems allow businesses to improve their customer and business transactions, increasing productivity and improving the customer experience.

The systems include access to business reports and up to date customer information. An automated system can be used to streamline transactions and push business growth.

As well as a complete EPOS system, many companies also use handheld EPOS Solutions to complete business and customer transactions on a day-to-day basis.

These devices include tablets and mobiles, which are used to make transactions on the go by employees. A handheld EPOS System means that transactions can be taken anytime, anywhere using a simple mobile device.

Benefits of a handheld EPOS System

There are many benefits of handheld EPOS Systems for businesses across the world.

These devices are revolutionary for the catering and hospitality sector, as they allow servers and employees to approach and help customers in addition to taking payments. Any number of employees can use a handheld EPOS Solution at once, meaning that customers get served faster, and your business can collect multiple payments at once. If you run a restaurant or café, table turnaround time is key. An EPOS Solution can help you get more customers into your business and increase your daily profits.

In the hospitality sector, customer satisfaction is everything. When employees approach and speak to customers, it gives them a chance to create a personal relationship with the customer. This also means that the same waiter can take an order, bring the food and take the payment, thus resulting in a smooth and personable process for their customer.

A handheld EPOS System is also a valuable asset for those in the retail sector. Multiple employees can make transactions at once, meaning that customers do not have to wait in a traditional queue at a till to complete their purchase. This also means less pressure on an individual staff member to complete all transactions.

These handheld devices can also help with business growth by helping you reach your business profit or sales goals. When a customer orders their meal or pays for their product, a handheld EPOS Solution will suggest other items to go with their order. This increases the potential for upselling in your business, allowing employees to access the latest information about stock, products and deals with the click of a button.

Every device will receive the same information or updates simultaneously, streamlining and centralising transactions at your business. For example, if a new item is in stock or a meal has been changed, this can be easily related to the customer without delay or error.

A handheld system also allows employees to access images or information about the products they sell. For example, servers in the hospitality industry can show customers images of the food or access important information about allergies and ingredients via their mobile devices.

In the past, an employee would have had to check with another member of staff/supervisor or head over to the main till. With a mobile device, everything is readily available!

How to use a handheld EPOS System

Handheld EPOS Systems can be utilised for credit or debit card transactions from anywhere in your business.

To use a handheld EPOS System, a staff member simply takes a tablet or mobile device up to a customer and completes the transaction exactly as they would on a regular EPOS till system.

The products or services are entered into the device, payment is collected, and a receipt is emailed to the customer if they wish to have one.

Handheld systems can also be used to access key data for your business. It is possible to track sales, understand profit, build custom reports, and check inventory or stock levels.

They are not just a portable payment system. They are a tool for growth.

Drawbacks of a handheld EPOS System

There are bound to be a few drawbacks of handheld automated systems, as with any new system. Although an EPOS system is easy to use, there are always a few teething problems when introducing new technology into your business. Employees need to understand this new system, so time must be set aside for essential training purposes.

These systems are also set up for contactless or card payments. This can cause some issues for more traditional businesses. However, the EPOS till system is fully-equipped to take cash payments and safely store them.

The information provided by an EPOS System relies on some initial data, such as information concerning stock, inventory or product information. Human error in inputting this information will cause incorrect data further down the line.These drawbacks can be significantly reduced or removed by choosing the right handheld EPOS provider and finding a company that can offer support and guidance as you get used to your new system.

How to decide if a handheld EPOS System is right for you

It can be hard to choose a new system for your business, and it has to be right for you and your business. Handheld EPOS Solutions have been created with all types of businesses and people in mind. Many already use them in the catering, hospitality and retail sectors.

They are straightforward to use, and an automated system can be easily set up. It is essential to make sure you and your employees take part in any training or set-up sessions to thoroughly understand the new system and make it as effective as possible for your business.

To decide if a handheld EPOS System is right for you, you need to ask yourself what you want out of it. Do you want to improve the customer experience at your business? Do you need to increase efficiency in your company? Do you want to modernise your till system and come to your customers rather than letting them come to you?

If yes, a handheld EPOS System is the right choice for you. It could be the key to unlocking your business’ growth and potential.

Bottom line

A handheld EPOS System can transform your business operations. They provide an improved experience for your customer and additional productivity and efficiency benefits for your company. This can result in better management, fewer mistakes and ultimately more profit.

For those in the hospitality and catering industry, the benefits of a handheld EPOS System are plentiful. From serving customers faster to providing key upselling opportunities, these devices are innovative and easy to use.

Although there may be a small number of drawbacks to handheld automated systems, choosing the right provider can alleviate some of these.

Here at IPOSG, we want to make the transition to an EPOS System as smooth as possible. We will take you through the whole process, providing you with state-of-the-art handheld tablets and other devices to get you started on this journey.

IPOSG will also provide you with all the support and guidance you need along the way. If you are struggling to understand your new system or need some advice and assistance on how it can help improve your business, we are here to help.

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