The benefits of EPOS systems and how it increases customer loyalty

The benefits of EPOS systems and how it increases customer loyalty


What is an EPOS system?

EPOS is an acronym for 'Electronic Point of Sale'. An EPOS system is a modern till system that combines hardware and software to facilitate the management of your business.

Consumer requirements are constantly evolving, and businesses must keep up with the rapid pace of change and ensure that processes are flawless in order to maintain customer loyalty and retention. With the help of a comprehensive EPOS system, you can accommodate this, thereby increasing customer loyalty by implementing the change.

"Most retailers don't see 45% of customers a second time."

How can an EPOS system help retain customers?

Thanks to the amount of data the EPOS Systems can process, the devices can help you create customised loyalty schemes for specific, recurring customers. 

By tapping into this data, you can incentivise your customers to keep coming back by providing them with personalised rewards. With advanced EPOS devices, you can even roll out your loyalty programmes via the device itself by sending out text messages or email campaigns to your customers. 

Customer insight.

By utilising IPOSG EPOS Systems, your business can gain a more comprehensive understanding of your customers. As a result of its ability to store data, an EPOS can provide industry-specific insights or aggregate data from across the enterprise to provide regional trends or more detailed insights about your customers.

With this customer insight information, you can:

  • Provide more personalised interactions

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Targeted marketing

  • Product recommendations

"Seventy-one per cent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions. And seventy-six per cent get frustrated when this doesn't happen."

Loyalty programs.

An IPOSG EPOS loyalty program system enables you to reach out to your customers with offers. These may include free merchandise, rewards, coupons, and early access to newly released products. A loyalty program should ultimately provide consumers with enough incentives to prevent them from shopping elsewhere and possibly drive them back to the store or website just to retrieve the reward. Businesses must pay for their perks, but the benefits they gain from increased sales outweigh the costs. There is no doubt that loyalty programs are effective, but they require more than simply printing a loyalty card. Businesses need to utilise their reward programs to make their customers feel appreciated. Additionally, the company must use data to ensure that only relevant offers are presented to customers.

"63% will not commit to a brand that does not offer loyalty benefits"

Marketing campaigns

Marketing opportunities become endless once you obtain detailed information and reports from your IPSOG EPOS system. The data reports generated from the EPOS system help you identify trends and preferences to use in your marketing strategy to promote more sales and increase customer retention. This detailed analytical report allows you to track behaviour patterns with EPOS's efficient data management, allowing you to target your audience correctly.

"10% of customers spend three times more on any given purchase, and the top 1% of customers spend as much as five times more per order."

Customer Experience

Customer experience drives loyalty. Customer experience is the foundation of any business-customer relationship. By correctly utilising the IPOSG EPOS system, you can enhance the customer experience.

In an era when more and more brands compete for consumers' attention, and there are many options available, a positive customer experience is a way to ensure your brand and product are at the forefront of public awareness. EPOS systems have been designed to streamline the purchasing process and reduce queues at the cash registers and point-of-sale terminals. The scanning of products and taking payments only takes a few seconds once an EPOS system has been implemented. This has been shown to be a critical factor in customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, EPOS systems provide direct information concerning the stock level of every type of stock or inventory in real time. This benefits the customer as checking items' availability in store rooms can take time.

"93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service."

Why IPOSG is a smart choice to help with increasing your customers' loyalty.

Our EPOS solutions enable our clients to utilise cutting-edge technological advancements to increase customer loyalty. |Contact our helpful team, and we will happily talk you through the different software options available so you can enhance customer loyalty with the right EPOS system for your business.

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