How to create a loyalty program through IPOSG EPOS 2023

How to create a loyalty program through IPOSG EPOS 2023


Creating a successful loyalty programme is crucial for any business that wants to retain and grow its customer base in the future. Loyalty programmes encourage customers to continue doing business with a company. This is achieved by offering incentives, such as discounts, freebies, and exclusive advantages, in exchange for their loyalty.

In what ways do loyalty programs contribute to business success? 

Customers are not the only beneficiaries of customer loyalty programs. Even though businesses pay for the perks they offer, they can earn much more thanks to the increased business. 

A study by the Loyalty Research Centre found that companies with loyalty programs saw a 23% increase in profits over a 3-year period.

EPOS systems are a very effective way to create a successful loyalty program and are one of the easiest ways to design a successful program. Below are a few pointers on how an EPOS system can help:

  1. Create a customer database: An EPOS system can store customer data in a centralised database, such as purchase history and contact information. This allows you to track customer activity and tailor your loyalty programme to their specific needs and preferences.

  2. Offer personalised rewards: With an EPOS system, you can track customers' purchases and reward them based on their specific spending habits. For example, if a customer frequently purchases a particular product, you can offer them a discount or free item the next time they make a purchase.

  3. Create tiered rewards: A tiered rewards programme offers different levels of rewards based on how much a customer spends. For example, a customer who spends a certain amount in a year might qualify for a higher tier of rewards, such as free shipping or exclusive discounts. An EPOS system can help you track customer spending and automatically update their rewards tier.

  4. Use marketing tools: An EPOS system provides marketing tools to help you promote your loyalty programme to customers. For example, you can send targeted emails, Social Media posts or SMS messages to customers with personalised offers or alerts about their rewards status.

IPOSG EPOS systems are an effective tool for retaining customer loyalty. Through the use of an EPOS system, businesses can retain customer loyalty, improve the customer experience, and make more informed business decisions. Using an IPOSG EPOS system, businesses can create and retain customer loyalty and, if used correctly, increase sales.

There was a study conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centres. The study found 82% of loyalty program members felt more positive about a business after they joined the program.

A loyalty program can be effective but requires more than just purchasing an EPOS system and printing some loyalty cards. Businesses must use their reward programs to make their customers feel valued. Furthermore, it should utilise data to ensure that only relevant offers are presented to customers.

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